Why Eco Sheep?

At Eco Sheep our mission is simple: to make bicycle maintenance products that won't harm people, animals or the environment. Here is how we have done that.

  • We manufacture our bike chain lube using only natural, sustainable, and non-toxic materials. PERIOD.
  • Eco Sheep products are certified Bio-Based by the USDA and Safer Choice by the EPA.

Every year TONS of petroleum based bike chain lubricants are dumped into our environment

Eco Sheep's main ingredient is lanolin oil, which is a magical substance that sheep produce to protect themselves and their wool from the elements. Lanolin is a natural rust inhibitor, moisture barrier and most importantly a lubricant.

Every bike chain lubricant on the market is made using petroleum distillates and harmful solvents. Their bottles are covered with chemical warnings making them harmful to people, pets, and the environment.