5 Cycling Trips For 2020 —And How To Make Them Eco-Friendly


As 2019 slowly winds down, we’re all looking forward to 2020—especially our future vacations. Whether you’re thinking about heading over to Europe or staying in the States or just know you want to head out somewhere, considering future trips can be thrilling. 

Travel-savvy cyclists are already planning their trips for next year. Early planning allows you and your travel partners to research eco-friendly options, stock up on gear, and snatch up the best deals before you step on that plane or load up your car.

Read on to learn about the best 5 cycling trips to take in 2020—for both casual and serious cyclists—and how to make the trip you choose a little more eco-friendly. 

Cycling Trip #1: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

For casual cyclists and serious cyclists alike, Amsterdam is a true haven. In fact, cycling in Amsterdam in considered a necessary activity for any tourist—not just those who are already hooked. Cyclists who want to explore Amsterdam via bicycle don’t need to do too much extra planning; the city already caters to its favorite two-wheeled vehicle. 

Amsterdam has:

  • Bikes for hire all over the city
  • Extensive bike routes that traverse both the city and country
  • Flat, clearly marked bike paths
  • An established cycling culture

Eco-Friendly Tip: Take longer cycling trips into the country for fun, but use your for-hire or personal bike for inter-city trips, too, instead of taking the tram. (Or, of course, you can walk.) 

Cycling Trip #2: Sonoma County, California, U.S.A.

Also known as wine country, Sonoma County is a great location for experienced road cyclists. With winding, hilly roads and stunning scenery, Sonoma County has some of the best terrain out there. Roads can be tight in places, but because the area is so popular with cyclists, cars are primed to look out for bikes. Cyclists can either plan their own tours or take guided tours—there is a plethora of options for interested cyclists. 

Sonoma County has:

  • Beautiful, hilly scenery
  • Temperate weather
  • Fine dining at any time of day
  • 179 miles to 275 miles of road to traverse

Eco-Friendly Tip: On a long trip like you might want to take through Sonoma County, you’ll want to be sure to have enough gear for nightly clean-ups. Stock up on eco-friendly gear, like natural bike lubes, which don’t contain harmful chemicals like petroleum. 

Cycling Trip #3: Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is a popular destination for cyclists, both amateur and experienced alike. The scenery is beautiful—and features a variety of terrain, like flatlands, foothills, and mountains. Plus, the island is well-prepared for cyclists, with well-maintained roads, plenty of bike shops, and cyclist-friendly hotels.

Mallorca has:

  • A variety of terrain
  • Cyclist-friendly lodgings and shops
  • Moderate weather in the spring

Eco-Friendly Tip: Even if you travel in spring or summer, bring a light jacket and a few other chilly-weather items in case of unexpected cold weather at high altitudes. This way, you won’t need to purchase any last-minute clothing items and contribute to the 14M tons of clothing people waste yearly. 

Cycling Trip #4: The Outer Hebrides, Scotland, U.K. 

The Outer Hebrides is a group of islands to the west of Scotland’s mainland. They’re becoming more and more popular with cyclists because of the Hebridean Way. The Hebridean Way is a 185-mile long distance cycle network route (NCN 780), over 10 islands, 6 causeways, and 2 ferries. The road passes through stunning coastal paths and rolling hills. Plus, it’s relatively quiet, so you’ll have the roads to yourself a lot of the time. 

The Outer Hebrides have:

  • A cyclist-friendly path
  • Stunning scenery
  • Quiet roads

Eco-Friendly Tip: It’s a long way, but consider taking public transportation to the Outer Hebrides. There are trains, buses, and ferries that can make it that far from central cities, like Edinburgh or Glasgow. 

Cycling Trip #5: Moab, Utah, U.S.A. 

Utah is a striking location, with its reddish landscape, Native American rock art, and dinosaur tracks. Moab, Utah is a top-notch cycling location, particularly for mountain biking. However, it can be challenging. Cyclists on roads have to navigate rocky parts, and in summer, it can be hot and dry. But if cyclists are careful to bring trail maps, plenty of water, an emergency kit, and enough gear for tough conditions (read: bike lube, bike lights, etc.), it will be a great experience for everyone.  

Moab has:

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Challenging terrain
  • Year-round temperate weather

Eco-Friendly Tip: Since you’ll be travelling within the United States, you’re already saving the gas that would have been spent on a flight. Consider other ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Is there a carpool you can take? A bus route?

Ready to stock up on gear before your big trip? Order eco-friendly bike lube today.