Lanolin Based Bike Chain Lubricant

100% Sustainable. 100% Satisfaction Guranteed.

Mother Nature's Solution

Sheep naturally produce lanolin, which secretes into their wool and protects its body against moisture and their harsh climate. We use a proprietary blend of lanolin and other naturally occurring oils in every can of Eco Sheep. This means our oil is 100% sustainable, unlike petroleum-based lubricants that contaminate our environment.

Safe For The Environment, You, And Your Family

We hold every can of Eco Sheep Bike Chain Lubricant to the highest standard. Eco Sheep is made in a state of the art manufacturing facility right here in Cleveland Ohio.

USDA CERTIFIED BIOBASED - The label guarantees Eco Sheep products are derived from renewable materials and perform just as well as petroleum lubricants.

EPA SAFER CHOICE - Eco Sheep complies with the Safer Choice Standard, which has stringent human health and environmental criteria.


Best Chain Lube (assuming you aren't a sheep)

This is hands down the best chain lube I've used. I ride nearly everyday as part of my commute and some longer workout/recreational rides on the weekends. Each application very lasts a long time and is super smooth. It has even held up really well in recent winter rains. Using it for the whole family now. Experienced a spill so need to reorder, otherwise seems like it would have lasted a very long time. Love that it isn't petroleum based and is biodegradable. Highly recommend!

This is the best lube I have tried

This is the best lube I have tried. It endures anything from fine dust to heavy water. Best stuff on the market in my opinion and I have used quite a few of them. This stuff makes your drive train run as smooth as butter.And I love that its bio degradable to help preserve the great single track trails . I love the applicator brush . For best results is just clean chain well before first application . I will buy again and I am looking forward to trying out the Extra Thick Sheep this winter on my fat bike .

Great value great product!

Was a bit unsure of this stuff when i first recieved it looked like cooking oil! Any ways figured i would give it a try cause i like new stuff and hey its good for the environment! I am really digging this lube it goes a long way and l believe its got all my rides shifting smoother and running quieter ! And i have yet to be attacked by any wolves ......but have been chased by a couple of dogs!! Lol and i did catch my sisters dog sniffing at it and even licked at it ha ha ! Anyways i truely think this is a great product and a can will last a long time and i service my chains every 75 to 100 witch is every other day......try it you will like it!!

Sam Hopkins, Founder of Eco Sheep